Transfer: by public transport (train, bus, metro, taxi…) ↔ city centre & surroundings of amsterdam

How do I get from Schiphol airport to Amsterdam city center?

The airport is well connected to Amsterdam’s public transport network. As Schiphol Airport is only 18 km from Amsterdam city center, it is easy to plan your journey to and from the airport.

Here you will find the most important options for transfers to the city center and the surroundings of Amsterdam incl. travel times and current prices (as of 2024).


#1 Amsterdam Airport Express Bus 397

Airport Transfer City Center Bus

The Amsterdam Airport Express Bus (Connexxion line 397) offers a cheap and direct connection from Schiphol Airport to the city center of Amsterdam.

A return ticket costs €11.75 (2024) and can also be purchased online before the trip. This will save you time and stress abroad.

Popular with Amsterdam tourists

The Amsterdam Airport Express Bus is very popular with visitors to the city, as it is an easy, cheap and fast way to get to the city centre.

The final stop in the city centre is the Elandsgracht bus station. This stop is on the edge of the canal belt. The Amsterdam Centraal train station is approximately 2 km away.

If you want to go directly from the airport to the station, we recommend you take the train (see below).

Save time with online tickets

Tip: You can buy online tickets for the bus before you travel. This will save you time and stress during your trip.

Online ticket for bus 397
– buy here

Most visitors use Amsterdam’s excellent public transport system to get around the city.

It’s easy with the Amsterdam Travel Ticket. This ticket includes a transfer on the 397 bus + a multi-day ticket for the metro, bus and tram. You can also buy the Amsterdam Travel Ticket online:

 Amsterdam “Travel Ticket”:
Online ticket for bus 397 + multi day ticket for local transport Amsterdam – buy here

The Airport Express Bus “Connexxion 397” offers a fast, cheap and reliable connection to the city center of Amsterdam. Online tickets save time & stress during your stay in Amsterdam. (Image: Jeroen pijper photography, CC 2.0 license)

#2 By train from the airport to Amsterdam city centre

Flughafen Transfer Innenstadt Zug Eisenbahn

Schiphol airport has its own train station (“Schiphol Airport”). It is located directly under the terminal building.

In addition to long-distance connections, the airport train station also offers a fast and direct train connection to Amsterdam Centraal station in the city center.

Transfer by train: 18 minutes to the city centre

The train journey from the airport to Amsterdam Central Station in the city centre takes only 16-18 minutes. Amsterdam Central Station is a hub for local transport. From here you have many options for getting around, whether by metro, bus or ferry.

See our travel guide for tips on how to save time and money when buying train and public transport tickets.

Directly under the terminal building is the train station “Schiphol Airport”. From here, in addition to long-distance trains, there is also a direct train connection to the central station “Amsterdam Centraal”.

#3 By taxi from the airport to the city centre and surrounding areas of Amsterdam

Cabs wait for passengers right outside the terminal at all hours of the day and night. They are convenient to use, but also expensive.
Alternatively, you can book a private shuttle taxi online. This is usually cheaper and, unlike a taxi, offers a pre-arranged fixed price.

How much does a cab ride from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam city center cost?

Cab Shuttle Amsterdam Schiphol AirportA cab ride costs at least the basic fee of €7.50. This basic fee includes the first 2 km of the trip.
After that, there are additional charges depending on the duration of the trip and the distance.

For example, a transfer to the city center costs between €40 and €60. Currently, there is a minimum charge for trips city center ↔ Schiphol Airport of €35.

The price in 2024 will be €2.47 per kilometre travelled and €0.41 per minute of travel time. Surcharges may apply for groups or luggage.

The journey time by taxi to the airport depends on the traffic situation.

Tips for taking a cab: Avoid being ripped off at the airport

Unfortunately, there are cases of cab fraud at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport:

  • Travelers are tricked into a conversation by scammers at the airport. The scammers sometimes even wear high-visibility vests with signs such as “Official Taxi”
  • In front of the airport building, men shout “Taxi” and hold a sign with the word “Taxi” in the air. These men also want to poach travelers from legeal cabs.

The aim is the same in both cases. Travelers will be directed from the legal cabs to illegal cabs. In most cases, the men who try to persuade you are only intermediaries and not the drivers. For passengers, an illegal cab can mean higher prices and no insurance cover.

Our tip:

Don’t take the bait offered by illegal taxis. Only use official taxis waiting at the taxi stand outside the arrivals area or book the cab ride online (see below). Do not get involved in a conversation with cab scammers.

Our tip: Only use official cabs or a shuttle booked online. Do not accept the bait offers of illegal cabs.

#4 Pre-booked shuttle – a popular alternative to a taxi

If you want to fix the price of the ride in advance, then there is an interesting option. You can book a shuttle online before your trip. In addition to the destination, you can also specify, for example, the number of people. Before booking, you will be quoted a fixed price, including fees and taxes. This has several advantages:

  • The price is fixed. There are no surprises in the invoice amount.
  • The driver does not make detours to increase the cost of the trip. This can happen with a regular cab that charges by taximeter.
  • You get an invoice for the amount. This makes it easier to settle travel expenses.
  • In our experience, the shuttles booked online are cheaper than the local taxi.
  • You can also book special vehicles (e.g. minibus for groups).

Link: Website where you can easily compare and book different providers.

On this website you can simply type in the date of your arrival and you will get a clear list of all providers including prices.

Cabs are waiting directly in front of the terminal building. A convenient but also expensive way to get to your destination. A pre-booked shuttle is therefore a popular alternative. (Image: F.Heijnen, CC 2.0 license)

# 5 By metro to the airport – not before 2030

There is currently no metro line to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. There are plans to extend line 52 of the Amsterdam metro to the airport.
In November 2022, the Dutch cabinet decided to invest an additional €4 billion in public transport. This money will also be used to build metro line 52 to the airport. Completion is scheduled for 2030.

Overview: Transfer airport ↔ city center

The main means of transport

Express Bus
Connexxion 397

Taxi /
private shuttle

Duration of journey
Airport ↔ center
30 – 40 min.
16 – 18 min.
30 – 45 min.
Operating hours
5.00 a.m. – 24.00 p.m.
Return ticket
Paper ticket (from machine):€11.80
€80 – €120
Travel Ticket
(train/bus transfer
+day ticket
local transport)
€18 (1 day)
€24 (2 days)
€30 (3 days)
€18 (1 day)
€24 (2 days)
€30 (3 days)

Interactive map and plan for download

Schiphol Airport – Download map

 Download → Plan of Schiphol Airport Amsterdam incl. terminals (*.pdf)

Schiphol Airport – interactive map

Here is our interactive map. Zoom in to see all the shops, restaurants, piers and terminals at the airport.

If you zoom out further, you can explore the area around the airport. For example, all stops of the Airport Express Bus 397 (shuttle bus to the city centre) are marked.

Frequently asked questions in this guide – FAQ 2024

Schiphol Airport is only 18 km from the city centre of Amsterdam. That’s why the transfer to the airport is easy. The airport is well connected to Amsterdam’s public transport network.
In our travel guide you will find the different options (train, express bus, taxi …), with current prices (2024) and journey times. With our tips you can save time and money when buying tickets. 

A taxi ride from Amsterdam Airport costs at least the basic fee of €7.50. This basic charge includes the first 2 km of the journey. After that, charges are added depending on the duration of the journey and the distance travelled.
Amsterdam taxi fares 2024: €2.47 per kilometre driven and €0.41 per minute of travel time. There may also be surcharges for groups or luggage.

For example, a taxi ride to the city centre costs between €40 and €60. The minimum charge for a ride into the city centre is €35.

More information and tips on how to book a taxi online at a fixed price, for example, can be found in our travel guide.

Currently there is no metro line to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. There are plans to extend line 52 of the Amsterdam Metro to the airport. It is currently planned to be completed in 2030.

Today, people mainly use the Express Bus 397, taxis or the railway for transfers to the city centre.
More information on travel times and current prices (as of 2024) can be found in our travel guide.

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